High levels of illumination, easy maintenance and minimum ground level obstruction are just some of the benefits high mast lighting has to offer.

First developed to light multi level road intersections in the mid 60's, high mast lighting has become a popular and efficient way of lighting large-scale areas such as airports, dockyards, large industrial areas, sports areas, shopping centres and car parks. There is a huge range of applications that can utilise the benefits of a high mast system.

We offer a complete range of high mast equipment, and can put together specific combinations of masts and lanterns to meet any lighting requirements. Fabricated from sheet steel, the masts have a polygonal cross section, which taper towards the top. Finished through a hot-dip galvanising process, the masts are able to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions and they do not require painting. Masts are delivered in sections, for ease of transport, and are easily assembled on site where they are bolted to a prepared concrete foundation.

Safety and reliability were the key factors considered in the design of the raising and lowering system of the mast. Once the mast is installed, the raising and lowering mechanism may only be used once or twice a year for routine cleaning and maintenance; so it is crucial that all parts of the system are long lasting and reliable. With this in mind, all our components are engineered to very high safety factors. The mast lighting systems are designed to require little or no maintenance throughout their life.

An 'in tension' hoisting system carries the weight of the luminaire carriage at all times, which eliminates the risk of the carriage getting locked at the top of the mast, which can happen with latching systems. No maintenance is required for the aluminium pulley system, which contains the two stainless steel hoisting ropes and the main electrical supply cable. The pulleys run on stainless steel shafts and pulley guards are fitted to ensure ropes cannot come off. Double drum winch systems are available. The double drum winch is available, the safe working load of which is 750kg. The ropes are driven simultaneously, but can be driven independently, if any adjustment is required. A portable power tool is provided to drive the winch, as well as handles for manual operation if power is unavailable.

20m Standard Duty
25m Standard Duty
30m Standard Duty
Top diameter
Base diameter A/F
Flange Plate
No of bolts
Weight of shaft
No of sections
Max top loading
Max weight of headload

All winches have factory sealed gearboxes, which are maintenance free. Gears are self-sustaining.
A flexible multicore cable supplies electricity. It is accessible through the mast base and for safety is disconnected during the lowering procedure. To enable light fittings to be tested at ground level during maintenance and installation, a test lead is provided. Because of limitations in the size of the electrical cable that can be used, control gear has to be integral or mounted next to the lantern, which has implications for the weight of the system.
For each individual project, groups of lanterns are arranged to meet the required distribution patterns as economically and efficiently as possible.

Reliability also extents to our high mast steel poles. Jolly's experienced engineers, craftsmen and certified welders provide poles to meet the strict design requirements of this industry. The Jolly high mast pole is 16/20-sided and fabricated of high strength steel sections up to 11 m long. These sections are joined at the job site by telescoping with standard heights available from 12 m to 30 m.

In today's fast moving work you can solve all your high mast requirements with a telephone call to our company. Only Jolly offers you a complete range of High Masts, no matter where you are in the world.
It's a service that:
o Provides solutions for the smallest to the largest project.
o Is well proven as Jolly has been supplying masts for over 12 years.

One Stop Solution
The design and supply of the High Mast is only one part of the Jolly's services. Complement this with Lighting Design, supply of luminaires and installations - then you have the Jolly one stop solution - anywhere in the world.

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