Unique features built into Emotron MSF Soft Starters reduce costs significantly for many more applications when compared with conventional soft starters.

Everything you need

What makes MSF Soft Starters unique is that they incorporate the three functions needed to maximize the control of diverse equipment and processes:

  • Ultrasmooth starting through torque ramping
  • Continuous machine/process protection against underload and overload situations
  • Advanced braking techniques
  • Special pump control features eliminate water hammer.

More outstanding features

Other major benefits of MSF Soft Starters that cut costs and equipment wear and tear are:

  • Further 20% reduction in starting current
  • Elimination of external tachometers and other devices
  • Continuous self-diagnosis
  • Thermal and PTC motor protection
  • Forward/reverse jogging
  • Slow speed for convenient positioning or sequencing


Installation benefits
Installation of an MSF unit is facilitated by eliminating the need to connect a number of extra devices and cables usually required to complement soft starter functions. Devices eliminated by the MSF Soft Starter series include:

• Contactor
• DC brake
• Motor protection relays
• Mains failure relays
• Load monitors
• Meters
• Display
• Switches
• Cable

Protects your complete process
Machine protection results from an MSF unit using the asynchronous motor as its own sensor to continually measure motor shaft power – the load placed on a motor by the machine or process that it drives.

Continuous self-checking
During system operation, a constant check is carried out on selected parameters, and a rolling events list is kept of the 15 latest alarm situations.

At-a-glance motor status
Only a few parameters are needed for menu setting in the “Quick set up mode”.
The display can show values for:

• Three-phase current
• Three-phase voltage
• Power, kW
• Energy consumption, kWh
• Power factor
• Torque, Nm
• Elapsed time
• Motor thermal capacity

Versatile networking
An MSF soft starter can be supplied with the following communication options:

• Serial interface, RS-232/-485, protocol Modbus RTU
• Field buses such as Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Interbus-S, LonWorks, FIPIO, etc.
• External display.

Versatile networking
The new Dynamic DC brake catches all types of load without requiring an external contactor:
• Dynamic DC brake without contactor for medium loads
• Controlled sensorless soft brakes with reversing contactor for heavy loads
The method measures the braking speed and shifts to the conventional DC brake when appropriate. The MSF Soft Starter detects when the motor is standing still, thereby allowing fast restarting.

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